Network, Meditech, and a VMAX3 failed backup

Recently the backup server rebooted itself in the middle of Networker running Meditech Magic backups.

Then all the Meditech backups would fail after 2 minutes.  This was caused by locked volumes with the VMAX3.  Backups with Meditech use BCV (Business Continuity Volumes) which are synced with TDEV volumes (Thin Devices).  These two volumes stay synced up at all times.  Then when a backup starts this connection is broken, and the backup is pulled from the BCV.  When the backup finishes the BCV reconnects to the production TDEV and syncs again.

Here are the commands I used with Solutions Enabler to unlock the volumes.

symdg -sid 1234 list (This will give you a list of all the LUNs on your server in the Device Group

symdev -lock list (This will give you a list of all LUN that are in locked mode)

symdev -lost # release (This will release the lock on the volumes)

Now you should be able to run the Meditech Magic backup.

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