VM Fails to Power On

Recently I had a strange problem.  Power off VM’s would not power on, and would give this generic error.

power on error

I found KB 1006232 and was able to power on the VM by command line, but I was still not able to power them on by directly connecting to the host through the C client.  Or using vCenter through the web and C client.  I tried a lot of things, but in the end restarting the vCenter server fixed everything.

vExpert 2016

I am very happy to be able to say that I am a vExpert 2016.  I aim to be one every year.  Congratulations to all my fellow vExperts!


EMC and VMware introduce VxRail, a new…

EMC and VMware introduce VxRail, a new hyper-converged appliance

EMC and VMware introduce VxRail, a new…

Advertise here with BSA As most of you know I’ve been involved in Virtual SAN in some shape or form since the very first release. Reason I was very excited about Virtual SAN is because I felt it would provide anyone the ability to develop a hyper-converged offering. Many VMware partners have already done this, and with the VSAN […] ” EMC and VMware introduce VxRail, a new hyper-converged appliance ” originally appeared on Yellow-Bricks.com . Follow me on twitter – @DuncanYB.

VMware Advocacy

New Port Group not showing up under Host

I was recently built up a new Cluster of 3 host with a Distributed Switch.  I had created my Management and vMotion groups with no issues, but when I created the server port group it did not show up under hosts.  The VM’s were already built and working on the network, and  I only noticed this issue when I tried to vMotion one of the VM’s to another host.

To fix the issue I had to create a new port group for that vlan and migrate the VM’s over to it.  I then deleted the old port group, and renamed the new one to the old ones name.  I have no idea why this happened my only guess is that I hit some really weird bug.

Where is ESX installed?

Under vCenter go to the Host > Configuration > Storage > Devices


Then look for a datastore that has a few partitions such as Legacy MBR and VMware Diagnostic.  That should be where you ESX is booting from.



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