Create Storage on Pure

In this post I am going to explain the creation of a storage volume on a Pure Storage array.  It has great and easy to use interface that utilizes HTML5.  I have worked with a few different storage arrays and it is by far the simplest to use.

  1.  When you first login to the Pure Storage array you will be greeted with a screen similar to this.first screen.PNG
  2. Now click on Storage and you will be greeted with a screen covering the Hosts and Volumes.  In this screen you will see all the host you have provisioned, and details on the storage usage.

    3. Click on the + sign to setup the host on the array and select host.  Enter a name and hit create.  Now your host is created and its time to enter the WWN.create host4.  Now if you are running vCenter Cody Hosterman has a great Powershell script that will import all your Host and WWN for you.  If not here is were we enter the WWN.  Click on Host Ports and then click the  gear on the right side, and select configure WWN.  From here if you already zoned in the storage you will see your WWN; if not you can go ahead and enter them manually.wwn5. Now that your Host is created and zoned in its time to create the Volume and connect it to the host.  Click Volumes + sign at the bottom left and the screen, and enter the size Volume you want.  volume

6. Now click on your host and click the gear and choose Connect Volumes.  finish

Now your Volume is ready to go.  Its a fairly simple and straight forward process.

In future posts I plan on covering the setting up snapshots and replication.  I will also cover the same information on EMC XtremIO. Thanks for reading and look for the next post coming soon.

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