Finding the vSphere NAA from VML

I was looking for a way to corelate an disk NAA with the VMware VML. This script will give you all the information that is needed.  VMware Communities


$esxName = “myEsx”

$esx = Get-VMHost $esxName

$esx.ExtensionData.Config.StorageDevice.ScsiLun |

Select @{N=”ESX”;E={$esx.Name}},


@{N=”VML”;E={$_.Descriptor | where {$_.Id -match “^vml”} | Select -ExpandProperty Id}}

VMAX3 Deleting volume stuck in RDF mode.

I recently had some volumes set in a storage group also set in RDF.   They were in the RDF1-TDEV mode. I removed them from the storage group without first breaking the RDF.  I then found out the hard way that it was impossible to delete that volume until the RDF was broken.  I need the volume in the TDEV mode so it can be deleted.  To do this I had to go into command line and use solutions enabler.

First I had to find the volume I wanted to delete and the RDF group it was in.

symrdf -sid 123 list -rdfg -all

That gave me a list of volumes and what volumes it was being synced up to.

I then created a text file with the two volumes in it.

00010 00020

To break this pair I ran this command

symrdf -f text.txt suspend -sid 123 -rdfg # -cons_exempt

Then I can finally delete the pair.

symrdf -f text.txt deletepair -sid 123 -rdfg #

Now that is done I can finally delete the volume.

A lot of work just to remove 1 volume.

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