It Is Time For Cloud Field Day 5

I am super excited because it is almost time for Cloud Field Day, and as always it is going to be a big! If you don’t anything about Cloud Field Day then is an event where various vendors come together at a Top Secret location, and show off what they have been up to. As always the event will be streamed April 10-12 at

There will be a lot of vendors at the event, but a few that I am excited to see what they have been up to. VMware will probably be showing off what they have been up to with the Amazon Cloud with VMC. Then there are other like Pure Storage which I have a lot of experience using their storage array, but I am curious what they are doing with the cloud. NGiNX will also be presenting , and they are a company that I know has a lot of customers, but I have never been able to spend much time with. So it will be a great time to learn more about them, and see what they have in development.

As you can see there will be a lot of vendors involved in this event, and they will definitely be showing a lot of great content. So make sure to tune in April 10-12 at and make sure to follow me on Twitter @brandongraves08. Reach out to me if there is anything you would like me to ask them.

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