Setting up vCenter Update Manager

Recently I was trying to setup vCenter Update Manager for vSphere 6.  I setup the ODBC connection for 32-bit using the ODBC Driver 11 for SQL server.  Setting up this connection was successful, but when I tried to run updates in my vCenter environment I would get an error stating that it could not connect to the database.  This was an odd error because I knew the ODBC connection was successful.  I contacted support and all they told me to do was build up a new update server.  I tried that and it did not work.  So after some deep googling I found a website which stated that you had to setup the update manager service to have a log on as.  (Sorry this was done a few weeks ago, and I do not know what website it was)

So when setting up update manager make sure you configure the server to log on as a certain account.  I did not notice that in any of the documentation.  Maybe I some how missed it.

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