Home Lab Setup (Part 1)

I am working on achieving the VMware VCIX. To practice for this I am setting up a home lab.  There are other options than using an home lab such as Ravello, but I wanted to set up my own self enclosed enviroment. I will be utilizing the VMUG Advantage for licensing aspect of the VMware products in my lab.

My setup includes

  1. AMDFX 8-Core CPU
  2. 16Gb Ram
  3. 1 SSD
  4. 2 7200RPM drives
  5. Workstation 12

Setup is 3 Host within Workstations each running on an individual HD.  This should spread the IO load and keep the environment running at a acceptable level.

First I deploy the 3 host.

  1. From Home screen select “Create New Virtual Machine”
  2. Select Typical
  3. Select Install Disk Image and chooise your vSphere 6 ISO
  4. Name Host and Select first HD
  5. Store as single file.
  6. Select power on and finish

Do this two more times for the other 2 host and HD.

Now under Network Adapter settings for our 3 host we select “Custom VMnet2” and we will use this as our Management network.

Now go into each host and fill in all the network information such as the IP and gateway.

Now we have a nested virtualized lab. With step 2 I will setup the vCenter appliance and management workstation for connecting to everything within the enviroment.

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